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New Parish Clerk

June 14th, 2018By

As from Wednesday June 20th the Parish Clerk for St Paul’s Walden Parish Council will be

Stephen Smith
The Old Post office
6 Great Green

and it is to Stephen that all matters should be directed from that date

The Parish Council Clerk email address will remain as clerk@stpaulswaldenparishcouncil.org.uk and the phone numbers are
01462 712279 or 07721 746872.


April 13th, 2018By

The May Parish Council meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY MAY 2nd 2018, starting at 8.00PM. Please note a CHANGE OF VENUE, the meeting will be held in the PAVILION, Bradway, Whitwell.

Development Land at Bendish Lane

March 8th, 2018By

The controversial 14.5 acre development land at Bendish lane is currently on the market with Savills.

Prospective bidders are welcome to contact the Parish Council and read its minutes for further background information.

Following on from attendance at the Local Plan Hearings regarding this site the Parish Council participated in the hearing and maintains its objection that the site (SP2) is unsuitable and should not be allocated for development.

From the  hearing it is clear that the policy wording for the site SP2 will be amended to protect the open space in accordance with the recent appeal decision.

The proposed settlement boundary will include the whole site SP2 but will exclude the byway. The proposed settlement boundary will be redrawn to exclude the recreation ground.

Policy SP2 (Settlement Hierarchy)is being revised for further consultation.

Councillors contacts for any conversations are

Cllr John Norman

Parish Council chairman  mailto:john.norman94@gmail.com

Councillor Donna Muir

(planning)  donnayatesmuir@gmail.com